It all started when…

we wanted to buy some cute baby chicks, in April of 2018. Now that was a fun learning experience because we had them in the house, first in the office, then in the bathroom! We won’t be making that mistake again any time soon!

We loved watching them grow, and moved them out to a barn stall as soon as it was warm enough. We started getting eggs in September, and quickly needed to build some nesting boxes—with the help of Felix. These turned out to be cute, practical and fun.

The first grand baby eggs started arriving and we were ecstatic—neither of us had ever raised chickens (or any farm animals for that matter, so we enjoyed learning by trial and error!

Next we bought some cute little Guineafowl….not so cute, very loud, but eat loads of ticks! We lost the first small flock because they flew away. Second time round, we managed to keep them in the barn until they knew to come back each night. We lost a few of them during the winter storms, when they refused to come in at night. We plan to buy more this spring, to help keep the ticks at bay.

We expanded the flock in the winter, this time putting them in the barn with a heat lamp. And now we are the proud owners of 24 chickens—soon to be more, I’m sure.